Bow Rehairs & Small Repairs

archetto-242 The Bow is in fact very important to the overall performance of an instrument,Although speaking from experience It’s a detail we certainly don’t give much thought to for the first 10 years or so of playing, but If a bow is not rehaired properly it can really bring sound quality down.As I had the opportunity of learning the skill of bow rehairing back in Cremona and know about bow making and bows in general, I can offer a quality bow rehair service. I am extremely careful when it comes to selecting hair. There is no point rehairing with less than the best and I source my hair directly from Mongolia. All bows are different and it is important to know how much hair to put in, too much hair can be sometimes even worse than too little.

I offer a postal service with a 3 day door-to-door turn around which makes it very easy for you,to have your bow rehaired. I use specially designed (wavin pipe) bow tubes that I send to you, You then post me back the tube with the bow inside, I rehair it and return post it to you. You retain the bow tube for the next rehair.