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Bow Rehairing

 Bow Rehairs & Small Repairs

archetto-242 The Bow is in fact very important to the overall performance of an instrument,Although speaking from experience It’s a detail we certainly don’t give much thought to for the first 10 years or so of playing, but, I believe, that having the oppertunity to play with a really nice, fine bow is like just …The biggest revelation in a violinists life time.

Since I had the opportunity of learning the skill of bow rehairing while in Cremona, I can offer a quality bow rehair service. I am extremely careful when it comes to selecting hair. There is no point rehairing with less than the best and I always source the hair I use directly from Mongolia. All bows are different and it is important to know how much hair to put in, too much hair can be sometimes even worse than too little. Unless carefully handled bows can be very easily damaged too, So its important to be extra vigilant when working with bows.

The Bow , to me is like an extension of the violin in a way! You just know when you are holding the right Bow.

Bow making is a skill I admire greatly! For me a good bow is a Bow that can give you absolute fluidity in your whole bow hand wrist and arm (right or left). It should be of the exact weight that you prefer, and give you a feeling of extra normal boost and ease of play; It is a hard thing to describe but all in all the correct bow along with the right fiddle is an absolute nesessity!

Here in Ireland there are many excellent Bow makers, Such as Noel Burke (who has thought many others)

The closest Bow maker to me here in Kerry would be Hugo Vegter on Camden Quay in Cork.





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  • Repairs,Restorations,setup/sound adjustment and sound enhancement.Bows re-haired,New Instruments made to order.
  1. Sound Post adjustments 
  2. Fine tuners fitted
  3. Geared pegs fitted
  4. All Pick-ups fitted  …Fishman v200’s Double Bass pick-ups 
  5. Custom Electric Violins made to order.
  6. Bows re-haired
  7. Personalised Instrument inlay
  8. Instrument Valuations
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