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Cello by John Wheatley Dublin c.1820
A rare Irish 19th century Cello. This instrument was made in middle Abbey street Dublin sometime between 1820 and 1825 by John Wheatley. It was extremely well made, Unfortunately two centuries of use has taken its tole on the instrument and it has been opened and repaired at least 2 if not 3 times before. Some of the repairs were quite clearly carried out professionally, such as the fitting of its modern Bass bar.

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  • Repairs,Restorations,setup/sound adjustment and sound enhancement.Bows re-haired,New Instruments made to order.
  1. Sound Post adjustments 
  2. Fine tuners fitted
  3. Geared pegs fitted
  4. All Pick-ups fitted  …Fishman v200’s Double Bass pick-ups 
  5. Custom Electric Violins made to order.
  6. Bows re-haired
  7. Personalised Instrument inlay
  8. Instrument Valuations
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