Setup. “When it comes to sound….everything matters!”

Having almost 30 years playing experince I know how important a correct set-up is to the instruments of the quartet.

Set up is basicly the mise en place of all the add on’s to an instrument i.e tailpiece, nut,pegs,bridge,soundpost etc.And the sound produced can change greatly depending on both measurements and materials used. Another important aspect of set up is comfortablity-playability, more for some than others but its sure that for a serious player who spends up to nine hours a day holding their instrument, it should be as comfortable as possible without compromising on sound. It is for this reason I like to do any required adjustments while the player is with me in my workshop. It really is amazing the difrence small things can make to the sound of an Instrument.

Every thing matters when it comes to sound! Have you ever wondered why some days your violin sounds great and others not so great? This is because the violin is extremely susceptible to changes in moisture levels which is something a musician must pay attention to in order to have a good constant sound, Everything even down to the case you keep your instrument in matters.Speaking of cases I highly recomend Musafia cases, Ive seen how they are made and nothing beats them! Here is the link for Musafia Cases